Carrington Peppermint Tea Review

Curious thing about this Carrington Tea, Peppermint Tea. Its tagless teabags have each, a notably small amount of peppermint leaves within, and yet, it brews up into an intensely icy, delicious beverage with a taste very much like peppermint Life Savers. This is a pure, peppermint tea, with no other distracting flavors. In fact, if you … Continue reading Carrington Peppermint Tea Review

Carrington Original Green Tea Review

An avid tea fan for more than twenty years, we immediately seize new varieties never sampled before. We saw this  Carrington  Original Green Tea   at Walmart some years back, and thought to bring it home and see how it tasted. It has an equally pleasing green tea flavor as the Salada, Celestial Seasonings, and Bigelow green teas we are fond of. We enjoy its … Continue reading Carrington Original Green Tea Review

Carrington Tea English Breakfast Tea Review

Carrington Tea English Breakfast Tea   certainly rivals corresponding products from Twinings, Bigelow, Celestial Seasonings, et al. The Carrington Tea flavor is top grade, even if the packaging fails to adequately protect tea freshness once opened.  As with the other Carrington Tea offerings, this black tea product features a rather thin, not-so-rigid paper box.  Inside is a white plastic pouch that holds the teabags, which … Continue reading Carrington Tea English Breakfast Tea Review