Carrington Original Green Tea Review

An avid tea fan for more than twenty years, we immediately seize new varieties never sampled before. We saw this  Carrington  Original Green Tea   at Walmart some years back, and thought to bring it home and see how it tasted.

It has an equally pleasing green tea flavor as the Salada, Celestial Seasonings, and Bigelow green teas we are fond of. We enjoy its clear, light green appearance with almost no bitterness. Stevia sweetens this beverage effectively, and for a name brand tea, Carrington Tea Original is inexpensive, and it stock piles nicely.

Picture of the top of a 20-serving box of Carrington Original Green Tea.
Carrington Original Green Tea 20 Teabag Box Top

Benefits, Features, Advantages, and Pros

This tea keeps for years without much flavor changes.

Any green tea, including Carrington Tea Original, seems to make the fingernails grow healthier and more quickly. Not that we obsess over faster-growing nails. But this enhanced growth could indicate absorption of more of the nutrients from the green tea required by human bodies for good feelings and proper operation. This is good.

Bloggers write that green teas like this one reduce acne severity. But since we’ve suffered only few and short-lived bouts of acne since entering adulthood, we cannot personally corroborate this.

This flavor is high in quality and closely resembles other top-of-the-line teas tasted.  It lacks the bitterness so often found in other green teas, and this distinguishes Carrington green tea from these others.

Caffeine levels seem to match that in other brands examined.

Green tea can encourage weight loss as do most other brands, due to its thermogenic attributes. It hastens the body’s basal metabolism. But be careful, as this can increase hunger pangs. Still though, when dieting, and that knee-weakening hunger saps focus and concentration, we frequently duck away from that growling stomach by drinking a glass of this drink, and as long as we haven’t been hungry for too long, it can suppress those little pangs for an extra two or so hours before we absolutely must eat.

This tea sweetens well with stevia, without adding calories or destroying the signature yet highly delicate green tea flavor.

Picture of the bottom of a 20-teabag box of Carrington Real Leaf Green Tea.
Carrington Real Leaf Green Tea, 20-Bag Box Bottom

Disadvantages, Concerns, Problems, and Cons

Carrington Tea Original green tea bags are not individually and tightly wrapped. Instead, they come in one large plastic bag; a sack that cannot be easily resealed with a bag clip or tie.  So you may want to place them in a zipper lock bag once you open the original bag, to better preserve freshness.

Honey, when used to sweeten this tea can easily obscure the green tea flavor if you stir in too much. The flavor is easily destroyed by flavored sweeteners such as honey, molasses, or maple syrup.

Not sure how widely this tea is marketed, as we’ve only ever seen it at Walmart so far. So you may be unable to find it locally. But start with Walmart anyhow. You might get lucky.

The dental hygienist gets that we drink lots of green tea just from the stains on our teeth that she notices. However, the health benefits of drinking green tea are worth the inconvenience of slightly-harder-to-clean teeth. So we’ll keep drinking it.

But if we stop drinking this green tea altogether, a headache will surely ensure in a day or two, and last a day or two as well. So if you start drinking most any natural green tea daily, be cautious about stopping abruptly, as you may develop headache symptoms as well.

Particularly when we’ve not taken Carrington Tea Original green tea for some days, we can feel dizzy when picking it up once more; especially when riding in a car after downing a cup. It can stoke feelings of nausea when out of practice drinking it.  However, motion sickness pills have alleviated this symptom.

Our Rating

But over all, Carrington Tea green tea has far more going for than against it.  So I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a taste that embodies the best that green tea has to offer. I’d rate Carrington green tea at 85 out of 100.

Where To Find Carrington Tea Original Green Tea

Look for Carrington Tea Original 100% Natural Green Tea in the bright green box with white lettering at Walmart or other larger grocery stores.


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