Salada Original Blend Black Tea Review

Salada Original Blend Black Tea   has been as traditional a drink in our family as the Thanksgiving turkey, the Christmas tree, and the New Years favors and canon blasts.  My mother often drank this black tea, while us kids were sprouting teenagers. So I’m sure that I fell in love with Salada tea by observing how much she savored it. To … Continue reading Salada Original Blend Black Tea Review

Salada Green Tea Review

An avid tea fan for more than twenty years, We’ve consumed many boxes of   Salada Green Tea   over the past decade.  As green teas go, Salada green tea is perhaps the best the authors have sampled.  We like its clear, light green consistency with very low bitterness. It sweetens well with stevia or agave nectar, and … Continue reading Salada Green Tea Review

Salada Decaf Black Tea Review

I’ve consumed at least one box of this   Salada Decaf Black Tea   in the past few months. My mother drank orange pekoe black tea nearly every day, while the siblings and me were growing up.  So I’m certain that I fell in love with tea by observing how much she enjoyed it. To this day, black tea is frequently served at my sisters homes.  … Continue reading Salada Decaf Black Tea Review