Uncle Lee’s Tea 100% Organic Green Tea Review

A green tea drinker for more than one score, I’ve consumed lots of different brands of green tea, and loved most of them.  So I brought home a 40-teabag box of this    Uncle Lee’s Tea 100% Organic Green Tea for review   a little while back, and am sipping a large hot cup of it right now.

Picture of a box of Uncle Lee's Pure Organic Green Tea.
Uncle Lee’s Pure Organic Green Tea

Uncle Lee’s Tea indeed rivals Lifestyle Awareness green tea, and thus, is another green tea that’s among the best I’ve ever tasted.  As with my long-time favorite, Salada green tea, this one has a mostly clear, light green-yellow shade, with virtually no bitterness.  It accepts stevia or agave nectar sweeteners quite well, and Uncle Lee’s Tea is fairly inexpensive, though its per-serving cost is a little more than the Salada and Great Value green teas,  to which I’m acclimated.

This is the second organic green tea I’ve ever sampled, and just as it was with the first (the Lifestyle Awareness Organic Green Tea), I’m quite impressed with this green tea.  If buying organic green tea is the only way to get a flavor this smooth, and that lacks that shivery feeling I get when drinking some lower grade, non organic  green teas, than I’ll become a steadfast organic green tea drinker.

Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages

Organic.  This product is one-hundred percent organic; USDA certified organic in fact.  Better tasting that way.

Easy to find.  Easily located, Uncle Lee’s Teas are typically found at larger grocery stores and supermarkets.

Teabags wrapped individually.  These tea bags are individually wrapped for freshness.

Airtight wrappers preserve freshness longer.  The wrappers are airtight, allowing no tea aromas to escape until you open them. So this tea stays fresh longer.  It can keep for several years in a cool place.

No green tea bitterness.  When steeped according to the included brewing directions, the lack of sourness distinguishes this tea from so many others.

Moderate to low caffeine amounts.  Caffeine levels here seem around the same as other brands I’ve tried. So I’ll likely experience about the same levels of withdrawal symptoms should I skip drinking this beverage for a few days. The caffeine in green tea is lower than black or orange tea, or coffee.

Staves away hunger.  Like all the other green teas I’ve tested, this one exhibits the same appetite suppressing effects as the many other green teas in my repertoire.

Promotes healthy body weight.  I’ve found that green tea promotes weight loss due to, as the experts say,  its thermogenic attributes.  It revs up metabolism, and I can feel that happening right now as I drink.

Requires little sweeteners.  This product sweetens well with stevia glycerite, stevia extract, Truvia, and other stevia-based sweeteners.  Stevia sweetens the tea without destroying the signature green tea flavor, and is especially apparent in this organic beverage.  Nor does stevia add any calories.  So you can enjoy sweet green tea without exploding your diet..

No gluten and great supplement for vegan diets.  This green tea is a gluten-free, vegan-compatible product.

Delicious hot or cold.  This beverage tastes great hot or iced, and is quite simple to prepare either way.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Concerns 

Can strengthen hunger.  Be careful, as the revved metabolism that often happens when drinking this green liquid, can actually intensify hunger depending on how long it’s been since you’ve eaten.  Yet when I’m seriously dieting, and that knee-weakening hunger begins growling anew, I am able to drive it off for hours longer by pounding a cup of this product.

Long steeping creates bitterness.  Some bitterness creeps in if I allow the tea bag to remain in the cup too long for steeping.  The instructions call for three to five minutes of steeping time.

Can stain teeth.  My dental hygienist knows I drink green tea when she see the mild stains it deposits upon my teeth.  However, the health benefits of organic green tea are worth the nuisance of slightly harder to clean cusps. Besides, this tea has a very light color.  So whatever staining it does do, is of a, “lighter shade of pale,” and so, is not offensively noticeable with routine dental hygiene in effect.

Can make you dizzy.  Particularly when I’ve not taken green tea for some days, I can feel dizzy when I again consume it; especially when riding in a car after drinking it.  It can make me feel quite nauseous and queasy when I’m out of practice consuming it.  This tea affects me likewise.

Flavored sweeteners can mask the tea taste.  Honey, when used to sweeten this drink can completely cover up the green tea flavor if you add more than a small amount.  In fact, any flavor advantage obtained from the use of organic products may be lost if you put too much honey or maple syrup in.  The flavor of just about any green tea is easily neutralized by flavored sweeteners, and this tea is no exception.


100% organic green tea leaves.

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 1 tea bag.  Servings per box: 40.  Caffeine content: 20 to 40 milligrams per serving.

Brewing Instructions

  1. Start with filtered, fresh water.
  2. Heat water to just below boiling.  To do this, bring it to a boil, then remove from heat but wait until it just stops boiling before pouring it.
  3. Open one Uncle Lee’s Tea teabag and put it in your mug, flask, or other drinking container.
  4. Then, pour 1 cup (8 Oz.) of the hot water into the mug.
  5. Steep for three to five minutes, or until you get your desired strength.
  6. Discard the teabag, but do not ring out the liquid in it back into your tea cup, as this can create a bitter taste.
  7. Sweeten the tea or otherwise season to taste.
  8. Finally, enjoy.

Our Rating

I’d say that this drink is a winner with its virtually nonexistent bitterness and delicate green tea taste.  So I’d certainly buy it again.  The organic certification is likely why this product costs a little more.  Yet I’d highly recommend it to any green tea lover, whether a novice drinker or a tea aficionado, and would thus, rate this product at 96 out of 100.

Where To Buy Uncle Lee’s Tea 100% Organic Green Tea

Look for this organic green tea in the green, gray, and white box with the dark green, blue, and black lettering at Walmart and other larger grocery stores and tea shops.


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