Tetley Decaf Green Tea Review

Bought a box of   Tetley Decaf Green Tea   at our local Walmart SuperCenter a while back.  This Tetley decaffeinated tea costs about half as much as Bigelow decaffeinated green tea ($1.98 for 40 servings Vs. $2.32 for 24 bags).

The green tea itself once brewed, sports a similar pale green, clear look as does non decaffeinated green tea, and lacks almost all bitterness. The Tetley decaffeinated green tea flavor deviates somewhat from the others we’ve tested, and initially, we disliked this taste, but did get used to it eventually, and grew to like it a lot.  Also this Tetley tea incantation can be found most bigger grocery stores country-wide. It’s surprisingly inexpensive at just under five cents per serving.

Picture of a 40-count box of Tetley Naturally Decaffeinated Green Tea.
Tetley Naturally Decaffeinated Green Tea, 40-Count Box

Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages

Even without the caffeine, this green tea is still a good source of natural anti-oxidants, and still provides thermo genic properties.  Thus, though decaffeinated, this Tetley natural green tea still encourages the dropping of excess pounds.  It boosts alertness levels, and can banish depression for a while. But this result changes with every cup, and does not always happen with each serving of green tea.  Yet green tea is a nice-tasting gamble nonetheless, with a usually wonderful taste, even if it does not always wash out the blues and sleepiness.

It’s available at most larger grocery and many health food stores for a notably modest cost.

Most any green tea, including Tetley, decaffeinated or otherwise, often stimulates fingernails to grow faster and healthier. It’s nice, to appear healthier, but we would just as soon eliminate this quicker nail growth.  No fun cutting them so often, even though they look very healthy.

This decaf green tea sweetens well with stevia, and retains the unique green tea flavor without being swamped by the stevia flavor.

It’s less bitter than some other decaffeinated green teas sampled.

We’ve used both regular and decaffeinated green teas to reduce hunger during diets, and it seems to work at least as effectively as over-the-counter diet drugs, and it’s better for you besides.

With so little caffeine in this product, withdrawal symptoms generally do not happen when you’ve not drank this decaf tea for a few days. But then again, so is the lift in mood reduced, when I start drinking it again. With less caffeine, green tea is a bit less “exciting” indeed.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Concerns

Unlike many of the more expensive green teas, each Tetley teabag is not individually wrapped.  This hints of a shorter shelf-life for this product; particularly once the cellophane that encases the box is removed.

The taste takes some getting used to, as it’s not a whole lot like the Salada and Bigelow teas we’re most used to tasting in our morning teacups.

With all the green tea we drink daily, our teeth are stained to some degree at each dentist visit. However, the potential benefits of this daily tradition, even when drinking decaffeinated tea, are worth the minimal extra hardship of more frequent teeth cleaning.  So drink up!

Though the flavor of this decaffeinated tea is somewhat unusual, it’s nonetheless all-too-easy to completely mask green tea’s unique flavor, including Tetley’s. So avoid honey and maple syrup for sweetening this product, as you might end up with a cup of hot green liquid that tastes just like honey, molasses, or maple, and nothing like green tea. The delicate green tea flavor can be destroyed by minuscule amounts of non-flavor-neutral sweeteners such as these. Stevia or Splenda sweeteners for this purpose however, are less detrimental in this way, as you avoid the added calories of sugar when you sweeten with them.  These flavor-neutral sweeteners do not obliterate the delicate flavor of this healthful beverage.

The circle-shaped tea bags have no strings with which to pull them out of the cup once done steeping.  So you must either use a spoon to retrieve them, or grab them with a pair of your fingers.

Our Rating

Do give this Tetley decaf tea product a test run.  Even if you end up hating it, it costs so little to try it.  Brace yourself for a notably different tea flavor and aroma if your heretofore green tea of choice has been one of the other major brands.  It’s not that this flavor is of a lower grade in any fashion.  It’s just unexpected, and perhaps even a bit shocking.  We’d rate this green tea product at 90 out of 100, all things considered.

Where To Buy Tetley Decaf Green Tea

Look for this product in the light green box with the blue and white Tetley logo in the teas section of your favorite supermarket or grocery store.  Most of the smaller shops carry few decaffeinated teas, and green tea (specifically Tetley green tea) is generally not one of them.  So you may be stuck either ordering online, or getting it when you visit your local Walmart.


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