Stash Premium Green Tea Review

As long-time tea lovers for more than thirty years, we immediately grab new varieties that we’ve never tried before.  We saw this   Stash Premium Green Tea   at Walmart a couple years back, and wanted to check it out.  Our impressions follow.

It has a different yet pleasing green tea flavor. Its clear, light green appearance with almost no bitterness; it earns its “premium” label. Stevia sweetens Stash green tea effectively, and for a name brand tea, Stash is not too expensive.  It stock piles nicely in its substantial, strong thick paper box.

Benefits, Features, Advantages, and Pros

Freshness locking wraps.  Stash Premium Green green tea bags are individually and tightly wrapped for freshness; so tightly in fact, that no tea aroma is present in or around the box.

Stays fresh virtually forever. Keeps for years without much flavor changes.

Promotes healthier nails.  Any green tea, including this one, seems to promote rapid and healthier growth of fingernails.  Faster nail growth could signify that we’re absorbing more of the nutrients from the green tea required by the body for proper operation. Nice.

Might clear up some acne.  May reduce acne incidents and clear the skin of numerous anomalies.

Unique aroma and taste.  Stash Green green tea has a flavor and smell that we’ve never noticed before in any of the other green teas reviewed.  It’s different, and at first, we weren’t sure if we’d ever come to like it.  But, have grown accustomed to the different flavor over the past couple years, and today, it’s not a bad taste at all.  We grew to like it, as predicted.

Low Bitterness.  While the flavor is different, it nonetheless lacks the bitterness that is so often found in so many other green teas.  This distinguishes Stash Premium Green 100% natural green tea from these others.

Contains low to moderate caffeine amounts.  Caffeine levels here seem to match that in other brands sampled.  Great for that gentle nudge in the morning to wake you up, or to head off a caffeine headache when you sense one coming.

Helps drop those pesky pounds.  This tea facilitates weight loss as do most other brands, due to its thermogenic properties. It accelerates the body’s basal metabolism in healthful ways. However, be watchful, as this can intensify hunger pangs sometimes. Still though, when losing weight, and that knee-weakening hunger strikes, we frequently calm it by drinking a hot mug full.  Works better than diet pills.

Sweetens easily.  Takes little sweetener to sweeten sufficiently.  Sweetens nicely with stevia especially, and stevia sweetens this tea without adding calories or destroying the signature yet highly delicate flavor.

Disadvantages, Problems, and Cons

Flavor easily masked.  Honey as a sweetener, can completely mask the green tea flavor if you add too much. That taste, though it may seem rather strong when the tea is served plain, is nonetheless easily destroyed by flavored sweeteners such as honey, molasses, or maple syrup.

Harder to find, except for in the larger grocery outlets.

Can yellow teeth. Dental hygienists know that we consume green tea just from the stains they remove from them at each visit. However, the health benefits of drinking green tea are worth the inconvenience of slightly-harder-to-clean teeth to us.  So, we’ll keep drinking it.

Might aggravate motion sickness.  Particularly when we’ve gone without this tea for some days, we can feel dizzy when resuming consumption; especially when riding in a car after a mug. It can create nausea when out of practice drinking it; particularly on an empty stomach. Avoid drinking a lot of this on an empty stomach, and you’ll probably avoid these symptoms altogether.

Somewhat addictive.  Also, if we stop drinking this tea altogether, a headache will surely come along in a day or two, and last a day or two as well; probably caffeine withdrawal symptoms. So if you start drinking this or most any green tea daily, be cautious about stopping this habit abruptly, as you may develop caffeine headache symptoms as well.

Our Rating

So we’d recommend Stash Premium Green Green Tea, and rate it at 90 out of 100.

Where To Buy Stash Premium Green Green Tea

Look for Stash Premium Green 100% Natural Green Tea in the bright green box with white lettering and the black top, at Walmart or perhaps other larger stores too.


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