Lifestyle Awareness White Tea Wellness Review

A tea drinker since I sang soprano, I’ve consumed lots of different brands and styles of tea’ every type from herbal, organic, and greens, to white, black, spiced, and orange pekoe.

I loved most of them.  So, having never tried the Lifestyle Awareness White Tea Wellness, I brought a box home for review, and am sipping a 12-ounce mug right now.

Picture of a box of Lifestyle Awareness White Tea Wellness.
Lifestyle Awareness White Tea Wellness

As far as white teas go, Lifestyle Awareness is a decent blend.  Most notable about this white tea is its strong smell of roses, which took a bit of getting used to.  It smells much more strongly of rose petal than it tastes however.  The rose essence is way more subdued in the flavor but still discernible by the taste buds.

Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages

Walmart currently carries this herbal tea supplement.  So far, this is the only place I’ve found Lifestyle Awareness products.  But since my local Walmart is a convenient short trip from my home, locating this drink again should be a breeze.

Organic.  This product is certified organic by the USDA, and is also Fair Trade certified.

Each Teabag wrapped separately.  These tea bags are individually wrapped for freshness.

Strong rose aroma.  Never tasted rose-flavored white tea before trying LA.  Different for sure, but pleasant.  Very floral; like having breakfast in a greenhouse.

Long steeping creates no bitterness.  I’ve noticed no bitter or sour taste in this product, even when steeped for a very long time (over fifteen minutes).

Good weight controller.  White tea helps control weight, probably because when I’m drinking it, I’m not consuming high-calorie beverages.  This tea is virtually devoid of calories and carbs.

Little sweetener, sweetens a lot.  As mentioned above, this white tea sweetens very well with stevia glycerite, stevia extract, and other stevia-based sweeteners.  Stevia sweetens the tea without destroying the signature herb tea flavor that I’ve come to enjoy, and is especially apparent in this organic beverage.  Stevia adds no calories either.  So you can enjoy sweet white tea without bombing your diet.

Green packaging.  The packaging is 100% recyclable.

Gluten free.  This LA tea product from Tadin Herb and Tea Company is a gluten-free, vegan-compatible product.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Concerns

Blend tea, not pure white. This is not a pure white tea, but rather a white tea, blended with some herbs.  So if you’re looking for straight white tea, do not look here.

Easily destroyed, weak flavor.  Honey, when used to sweeten this drink can completely cover up the white tea and rose flavor if you add more than a small amount.  In fact, any flavor advantage obtained from the use of organic products may be lost if you put too much honey or maple syrup in this tea.

Freshness not locked in.  Though the bags are individually wrapped, this wrapping appears not to be air-tight, as a strong rose aroma greeted me as I held a few unopened bags to my nose.  So this tea may not keep as long on the shelf, unless you put the paper-wrapped bags into a sealable plastic bag or other air tight container.

Sticky wraps.  Sometimes when removing the tea bags from the protective cover, they stick to it with such force that I could not get them apart without tearing the tea bag itself.  Lifestyle Awareness should be careful that these protective covers have completely dried from manufacturing before inserting the tea bags.  Or, they should assure that the tea bags themselves are not even a trifle moist before encasing them in the wrappers.


Organic white tea, organic rose petal, organic rooibos leaf, organic rosemary leaf, organic orange peel, organic stevia leaf.

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 1 tea bag.  Servings per box: 20.  Organic white tea: 480 milligrams.  Proprietary blend: 1020 milligrams.  This blend consists of the above-mentioned organic rose petal, organic rooibos leaf, organic rosemary leaf, organic orange peel, and organic stevia leaf.  Recommended daily values for these herbs has not been established.

Brewing Instructions

  1. Start with filtered, fresh water.
  2. Boil that water.  This tea maker recommends not using the microwave oven for this step.
  3. For hot tea, put one or two tea bags in your clean mug, flask, or other drinking container.
  4. Then, pour 1 cup (8 Oz.) of the hot water into the mug.
  5. Steep for five to ten minutes with a lid covering the mug.  Apparently they wish to keep in the scented steam, as this is supposed to maximize the flavor and nutritional properties of this white tea.
  6. Remove the filterbag, sweeten or otherwise season to taste.
  7. Gently squeeze remaining liquid out of the bags into your tea mug.
  8. Sweeten your mug of tea or otherwise season to taste.
  9. Finally, enjoy.

Our Rating

I’d say that Lifestyle Awareness white wellness tea is pretty good but not my favorite.  It’s flavor combination is highly complex, which makes it unique for sure, but not as delicious to me as a simpler flavor such as mint or fruit tea.  Still though, I like it well enough that I’d probably buy it again, even though it costs roughly $3.27 for 20 teabags.  That’s a bit more than I’m used to paying for tea.  But the organic certification is likely why this product costs more.  I’d recommend it to any herbal tea lover, whether a novice drinker or a tea aficionado.  I’d rate LA White Wellness Tea at 90 out of 100.

Where To Buy Lifestyle Awareness White Tea Wellness

Look for this white tea in the red and white box with green and brown lettering at Walmart and many larger grocery stores and tea shops.


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