Great Value Green Tea Review

Great Value Green Tea   compromises not at all on flavor; surprising for a store brand. An avid green tea fan for more than twenty years, I’m always looking for the cheapest sources of great-tasting green tea.

As green teas go, Great Value green tea is among the best tasting that I’ve sampled, though it’s not significantly cheaper than my favorite brand: Salada. I like its clear, light green consistency with very low bitterness. It sweetens nicely with agave nectar or stevia, and there’s virtually no taste difference between Walmart’s Great Value brand of green tea and the Salada brand.

Picture of a box of Great Value Green Tea, taken in-store.
Great Value Green Tea

Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages

Great Value is a typical green tea in that so many other brands taste a lot like it. It seems that many have mastered the procedures of growing and delivering delicious green tea now. The art of green tea preparation is now mature. But the lack of bitterness really distinguishes Great Value 100% natural green tea from so many others.

The tea bags are individually wrapped for freshness, and as a second measure to preserve the delicate green tea flavor, each box of tea bags is wrapped in cellophane.

This tea keeps for years without noticeable flavor changes.

Any green tea, including Great Value, apparently speeds the fingernails to growing. Not that I care about faster-growing nails. But faster nail growth may mean that I’m getting more nutrients from the green tea that my body needs for proper operation, than I was getting prior to starting to drink green tea.  This benefit, I really like.

Great Value green tea sweetens up very well with stevia or sugar. Stevia sweetens thai tea without destroying the signature green tea flavor that I’ve come to enjoy so much.

Some bloggers write that green tea clears up acne.  But, as I do not suffer from acne, I cannot personally corroborate this claim. But with so many saying it, acne relief from drinking green tea of most any brand must at least be possible.

Caffeine levels in Great Value green tea seems lower than in other brands tested. So I have fewer and less severe withdrawal symptoms when I skip drinking Great Value green tea for a few days.

Great Value green tea is easy to find at most any Walmart grocery store.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Concerns

It can stain the teeth.  In fact, my dental hygienist knows I drink green tea, no matter the brand really, just from the discoloration she notes on my teeth at each visit. Yet I still believe the health benefits of enjoying green tea to be worth the added pain of slightly-harder-to-clean teeth.

Particularly when I’ve not taken Great Value green tea for some days, I can feel dizzy when I again resume it; especially when riding in a car after drinking it. Green tea can make me feel quite nauseous in the car when I’m out of practice drinking it.  It may actually promote car sickness in some people.

Honey, when used to sweeten this product can completely cover up the green tea flavor if you do not add only a small amount for sweetness. The flavor is easily destroyed by flavored sweeteners.

I found nothing however to dislike about Great Value green tea specifically that is not true of all the green teas I’ve sampled.

Our Rating

This product is a top ranking offering for the best-tasting green tea, though it is technically a store brand.  While unlike other Great Value products, this one is no cheaper than the corresponding name brands, it is a great substitute for those said name brands that sometimes are sold out when I go shopping. I’d rate this drink at 97 out of 100.

Where To Buy Great Value Green Tea

Look for Great Value 100% Natural Green Tea in the white and green box with the blue and green lettering at your favorite Walmart store exclusively.


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