Bigelow Mint Green Tea Review

A relentless tea drinker for all of adulthood, I’ve consumed thousands of cups various teas, including this   Bigelow Mint Green Tea. Bigelow mint green tea is among the best hot beverages I’ve sampled.

This tea has a clear, light green appearance with no bitterness. Any bitterness usually associated with green teas, is totally gone from this mint variation.  Green tea with mint sweetens nicely with stevia, and for a name brand tea, Bigelow is fairly cheap, easy to find, and it stores well and for long periods without spoilage.

Benefits, Features, and Pros

Bigelow green teas has become omnipresent in recent years. They’re available at most any grocery store.  You can even spot Bigelow products in some health food stores.

Bigelow mint green tea bags are individually wrapped for freshness; so tightly in fact, that neither green tea nor mint aromas are detectable in or around the box; at least, not until you tear open an air-tight pouch.

This green mint tea keeps for years without its delicate flavors aging.

Any green tea, including Bigelow mint, seems to speed finger nail growth. Not that I care about faster-growing nails. But observing this while regularly drinking green tea could signify that because of the routine green tea drinking, that I’m getting more of the nutrients from the green tea required by my body for proper operation.  This I appreciate.

Some bloggers write that green teas like Bigelow mint reduce acne. But since I suffer no acne, I cannot personally confirm this.

The lack of that so-often-found bitterness in other green teas, distinguishes Bigelow natural mint green tea. I think the mint hides some of that, and the use of high quality green tea leaves by Bigelow gets rid of the rest.

Caffeine levels in this tea seem to match that in other brands I’ve tried.

I’ve used Bigelow green tea as an appetite suppressant during diets. It seems to work at least as well as a diet pill.  So this tea can facilitate weight loss in my experience, due to its thermogenic properties. It revs up the body’s metabolism. However, be careful, as this can actually make you feel hungrier at times. Still though, when I’m seriously dieting, and that knee-weakening hunger shows up, I can often quell it by drinking a glass of Bigelow mint green tea.

This mint tea product sweetens up very well with stevia. Or, agave nectar and honey produce a pleasant and unique flavor combination with this tea as well.  Since the mint herein already masks much of the delicate green tea flavor, these non-neutral-flavor sweeteners typically do not further cover it up.  So apply those with confidence to a cup of this green tea flavored with mint.

Disadvantages, Problems, and Cons

I found nothing to dislike about Bigelow mint green tea specifically, and it has no negative attributes that other green teas lack, except for perhaps the slightly higher purchase price.

While Bigelow teas are by no means the most expensive, they’re not the cheapest available either.

At $2.18 for twenty tea bags, Bigelow mint green tea is a bit higher per serving than the one-hundred bags of Prince of Peace Premium Green Tea I reviewed recently, which cost $3.27 per box.  However, the more air-tight bag wrapping used by Bigelow better ensures a fresher-tasting cup of mint green tea.  So this added cost is justifiable I think.

My dental hygienist knows I drink green tea just from the stains that she notes on them at each visit. However, I believe the health benefits of drinking green tea to be worth the little extra trouble of slightly-harder-to-clean teeth.

Particularly when I’ve not taken Bigelow mint green tea for some days, I can feel dizzy when I again pick it up; especially when riding in a car after drinking it. It can make me feel quite nauseous when I’m out of practice with it.

Also, if I completely stop drinking this green tea, a headache will surely come to me in a day or two, and last a day or two as well.  So if you start drinking Bigelow mint green tea daily, be cautious about stopping it abruptly, as you may develop headache symptoms too.

Ingredients List

Green tea and mint leaves.  From the taste, I’d judge that both spearmint and peppermint leaves are included.

Our Rating

So I’d recommend this mint-flavored green tea product highly, and rate it accordingly at 97 out of 100.

Where To Buy Bigelow Mint Green Tea

Look for Bigelow 100% Natural Mint Green Tea in the bright green box with white lettering and the tear-open strip across the top, at your favorite larger grocery store.


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