Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon Review

A staunch tea drinker for many years, I’ve consumed thousands of cups various teas, including this Bigelow Lemon Green Tea.

This tea is among the best hot beverages I’ve sampled, and even beats the more traditional lemon-flavored iced teas. Lemon and green tea go together quite well; at least, in my view, as well as lemon and orange pekoe and black teas do.

Picture of a box of A box of Bigelow Lemon Green Tea.
A box of Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon.

This tea has a clear, light green appearance with no bitterness. Any bitterness usually associated with green teas, is gone from this mint variation.  Green tea with mint sweetens nicely with stevia, and for a name brand tea, Bigelow is fairly cheap, easy to find, and it stores well and for long periods without spoilage.  The presence of lemon flavoring does not affect this tea’s appearance.  It still looks exactly like unflavored green tea in the cup.

Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages

Bigelow green teas has become widely distributed in years of late. They’re available at most any grocery store.  You can even spot Bigelow products in some health food stores.  The lemon version appears alongside their other green teas.  When a store carries Bigelow green teas, this is one flavor that you’ll see most often.

Like in most other Bigelow teas, these tea bags are individually wrapped for freshness; so tightly in fact, that neither green tea nor lemon aromas can be smelt in or around the box; at least, not until you tear open the foil pouch.

This tea keeps for years without losing its delicate lemony flavor.

The lemon takes the edge off that straight green tea can sometimes have.

Some bloggers write that green teas like Bigelow mint reduce acne. But since I suffer no acne, I cannot confirm this myself.

The lack of that so-often-found bitterness in other green teas, distinguishes Bigelow natural lemon green tea. I think the mint hides some of that, and the use of high quality green tea leaves by Bigelow gets rid of the rest.

Caffeine levels in this green tea roughly match that in other brands I’ve tried.  An 8-ounce cup of lemon green tea contains between 25 and 50 milligrams of caffeine.

I’ve used this green tea with lemon to suppress appetite on diets. It seems to work at least as well as diet pills.  So this tea can encourage weight drops in my experience, due to its thermogenic properties. It speeds the body’s metabolism. However, be careful, as a faster metabolism can actually make you feel hungrier at times, than you would have without the tea. Still though, when I’m seriously dieting, and that knee-weakening hunger comes upon me, I can often defer it by drinking a glass of Bigelow green tea with lemon.

Even with the natural lemon flavor, this green tea  sweetens very well with stevia. Or, agave nectar and honey produce a pleasant and unique flavor combination too.  Since the lemon peel herein already masks much of the delicate green tea flavor, these non-neutral-flavor sweeteners typically do not further weaken it.  So apply those with confidence to a cup of this green tea.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Concerns

This product is priced slightly higher than other less-well packaged and forumlated products, and a few that are as well-forumlated and packaged.

The box is a bit flimsy.  If I’m going to pay a premium price for a premium green tea, then I’d like to have a premium box to keep it in.

While Bigelow teas are by no means the most expensive, they’re not the cheapest either. If you’re willing to give up the air-tight individually wrapped bags, you can find green teas for significantly less money per serving.  But few if any cheaper teas taste as fine as Bigelow.

Drinking too much green tea can stain the teeth, and this lemon tea tastes so good that I can polish off a whole box inside of a week.  So I’m sure my next teeth cleaning session will be tough, as the hygienist will have to struggle to get this stuff out of my enamel.

Particularly when I’ve not taken Bigelow lemon green tea for some days, I can feel dizzy when I resume it; especially when traveling in a car after drinking it. It can trigger feelings of nausea when I’m out of practice consuming it.

Also, if I completely stop drinking this beverage, a headache will surely visit me in a day or two, and last a day or two as well.  So if you start drinking Bigelow lemon green tea daily, be cautious about abruptly stopping it, as you may develop a throbbing ache in the head too.


Green tea, lemon peel, natural flavor (soy lecithin).

Nutrition Facts

  • Serving size: 8 Fl. ounces (240 ML).
  • Calories: 0.  Calories from fat: 0.
  • Total fat: 0 grams, 0% DV.
  • Sodium: 0 milligrams, 0% DV.
  • Potassium: 10 milligrams, 0% DV.
  • Total carbohydrate: 0 grams, 0% DV.
  • Protein: 0 grams, 0% DV.

Our Rating

I’d highly recommend this lemon-flavored green tea highly, and rate it accordingly at 98 out of 100.  It’s very hard to overdo it drinking this green tea, given its almost entirely zero numbers on the nutrition label.

Where To Buy Bigelow Lemon Green Tea

Look for Bigelow Green Tea with lemon in the bright green box with a yellow strip denoting the flavor, with white and dark green lettering and the tear-open strip across the top, at your favorite larger grocery store.  I’ve not generally spotted this green tea at smaller grocery shops or convenience centers.


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